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    Video caption: Sepsis: Boy learns to walk again after losing legs

    Four-year-old William from Nottinghamshire almost died after contracting sepsis.

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    Video caption: Coronarvirus: The premature baby who survived Covid-19

    Four-month-old Emmanuel survived a 47-day hospital battle after contracting sepsis and coronavirus.

  3. 'Seek medical advice', hospital chief warns

    BBC Radio Suffolk

    A hospital chief executive is appealing to anyone who feels unwell not to worry about attending their GP and A&E clinic during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Ipswich Hospital

    Nick Hulme, who's in charge of Ipswich and Colchester hospitals, was responding to an emotional email from a BBC Radio Suffolk listener in Australia, whose sister had been afraid to attend hospital with an infection.

    She died of sepsis on 25 April.

    "I'm worried about people who are a bit concerned about their health, who would normally seek medical advice from their GP or hospital," he said.

    "They're simply not doing it.

    "We've seen a massive reduction in referrals from GPs of people who might have cancer - those referrals are down by 75%.

    "I've spent years trying to tell people not to attend A&E [unless necessary] - my message this morning is the opposite.

    "If you don't seek medical advice, the consequences could be very serious."

    Nick Hulme
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    Video caption: Sepsis: 'No words' to describe baby Lewys' death

    Lewys was wrongly diagnosed with a viral illness when he in fact had sepsis.

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    Video caption: Sepsis baby death: 'We would not wish this on anyone'

    The parents of a baby boy who died from sepsis say they would not want any other family to go through their experience.