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South Yorkshire political leaders agree devolution deal

Political leaders have agreed to move forward with a South Yorkshire devolution deal more than four years after the deal was initially announced.

Barnsley, Doncaster, Sheffield and Rotherham

In a statement the leaders of Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield councils together with Sheffield City Region Mayor, Dan Jarvis, announced the deal had been agreed and would be put to public consultation later this year.

Under the original deal struck in October 2015 the Sheffield City Region deal would grant a directly elected mayor power over transport, strategic planning and skills, as well as £900m over 30 years.

Efforts to secure an agreement have been dogged by a rival plan for a pan-Yorkshire agreement, but, today's announcement suggests the South Yorkshire deal will now come to fruition, almost two years after Mr Jarvis was elected mayor.

Mr Jarvis and the four council leaders said: "This represents a significant step forward in securing additional powers and resources for our region.”

Winter is coming: Extra time for Barnsley gritter teams

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Cold weather teams will remain on standby for an extra two weeks in 2020, Barnsley Council has confirmed.

A gritter

Long-range weather forecasts mean the council is planning a longer timetable to help keep roads gritted and traffic moving in the event of bad weather.

The authority started the season with 12,000 tonnes of grit salt stockpiled in its silos at Smithies and Penistone.

So far, it has spread only 225 tonnes, leaving 98% of the stockpile available.

Last year’s winter was mild and the council’s gritters used only 3,400 tonnes, meaning the council has a large contingency built into its stockpile to cope with a hard winter.

'Diesel spillage' warning on Barnsley roads

Motorists are being asked to avoid a number of roads in Barnsley following a "large diesel spillage".

Cudworth Parkway

About eight miles of roads are affected, according to the council, including:

  • Industry Road
  • Cudworth Parkway
  • Pontefract Road Lundwood to Cundy Cross
  • Grange Lane to Stairfoot Roundabout
  • Hunningley Lane, Ardsley Road
  • Thickett Lane
  • West Street
  • Park Road, Worsbrough
  • Sheffield Road, Birdwell

Drivers are being asked to stay away from the area and to "travel with caution".

Campaigners to hold vigil over park gyratory plan

An all-night vigil is due to be held outside Barnsley Council later by campaigners angry at plans to build a road through the middle of a park.

Penny Pie Park plans
Barnsley Council

There are plans for a gyratory road system to be built over part of Penny Pie Park, near junction 37 of the M1

Campaigners are unhappy about the loss of a public space and what they say is the council's refusal to listen to their concerns.

The vigil is ahead of a council meeting being held tomorrow.

Barnsley Council said in a statement they understand the concerns raised but that doing nothing is not an option.

They say that they are engaging with residents to make the most of what green space will remain.

Library fines to be scrapped to encourage more borrowers

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Fines for overdue library books look set to be scrapped in Barnsley as the council wrestles with a plunge in the number of borrowers in the last six years.

Barnsley's new library

Books loaned from the town’s network of libraries are down by almost a third since 2012-13 and it is believed scrapping the fines could help to encourage more people back to the service.

Although fines are only 10p per day, up to a maximum of £5.20, it is believed some people find themselves in a position where they fail to return books because they cannot afford the fine.

Fines have not been increased for many years, due to a recognition from the council that "an increase in the fine rate will undoubtedly have a further negative impact on the use of our libraries".

Labour still in driving seat in Barnsley, but lose seats

Labour remain in control in Barnsley this morning following Thursday's local elections, with a total of 49 seats.


A third of the council's seats were up for grabs.

Labour lost seven of the 19 they had held, three to independents. two to Democrats and Veterans, two to the Liberal Democrats.

Meanwhile, there was one Conservative loss to the Lib Dems.