George Soros

Soros builds stake in Swiss fund manager

George Storos

Shares in crisis-hit Swiss asset manager GAM are up 7% after the news that the SFM UK Management fund linked to investor George Soros has built a 3% stake in it.

Shares in the firm have plunged over 70% over the past year after a whistleblowing scandal which led to the departure of its chief executive and star bond trader.

George Soros and His Enemies

Allan Little examines George Soros's global mission and why some people react against it.
The wealthy investor George Soros first became famous when he made a billion pounds from speculating on Britain's dramatic exit from the ERM in 1992, one of many successful deals that amassed him a fortune and made him one of the world's richest men. But it is what he does with his money politically that brings him enemies. 

His political commitment and funding has made him the subject of intense hostility from critics in several countries, but a hero to those who support or benefit from his engagement. So how important really is George Soros? Why does he arouse so much venom? Should we be grateful for a billionaire who wants to put his money to social causes?

His life and career span the catastrophe of World War 2 through attempts to create a more cooperative world order and the current challenges from nationalists and populists around the globe.

Allan Little looks at the making of the man and his way of thought, and the reaction to his involvement in political and civic organisations in many countries. 

Producer: Adam Bowen