Effects of Brexit on Gibraltar

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    Video caption: Gibraltar UK deal with Spain 'a boost for economy'

    Gibraltar's chief minister says the free-movement deal with Spain will be good for the entire region.

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    Video caption: Brexit: Theresa May seems unimpressed with Michael Gove's security plan

    The former PM's facial expressions show her reaction to cabinet minster's response on post-Brexit security.

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    Video caption: Brexit: Boris Johnson on haulage firms and transition period

    Boris Johnson responds to The Road Haulage Association predicting Britain is "sleepwalking into a disaster" over border checks next year.

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    Video caption: Brexit: What happened on Monday?

    The suspension of Parliament begins and MPs reject a second call from Boris Johnson for a snap election.

  5. Ministers accused of ignoring Gibraltar's post-Brexit border

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    Video caption: Gibraltar's border with Spain mustn't be neglected, say Lords
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    Video caption: PMQs: May responds to Bob Neill over Gibraltar concerns

    Theresa May tells MPs that Gibraltar will not be "excluded" from the UK's negotiations with the EU over its future economic and security partnership.

  7. By Jayne McCormack

    BBC News NI Political Reporter

    File image of British and EU flags

    With less than six months left, here's an alphabetical guide to the world of the Brexit negotiations.

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