1. University plant festival goes online

    Cambridge University Botanic Garden's annual plant festival returns today, and like the Chelsea Flower Show and other outdoor events, it's moved online.

    Cambridge University Botanic Garden

    This year's three-day event will be a virtual tour around all things horticultural with each day having a different theme – plant science, horticulture and conservation – and talks, tours and events which explore these themes in detail.

    Activities include an interactive live event every day, talks by researchers at the cutting edge of plant science and things all the family can do at home during half term.

    It will also take a wider look at plant conservation around the world and how botanic gardens are playing their part in saving endangered species.

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    Video caption: Colombia: Saving rare species in jungles once protected by war

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    Video caption: The Plant Whisperers. How can we better connect with nature?

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