Hillary Clinton

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    Video caption: Huma Abedin: Hillary Clinton aide on laptop that may have lost the election

    The FBI reinvestigated Hillary Clinton's emails after seizing a laptop from Huma Abedin's then-husband.

  2. Hillary Rodham Clinton on her new co-authored thriller, US politics and climate change

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    Video caption: Andrew Marr spoke to Hillary Clinton, former US Secretary of State & Louise Penny, Author
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    Video caption: Bill Clinton: Thumbs up as former US president leaves hospital

    The former US president is discharged from a Californian hospital accompanied by his wife Hillary.

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    Video caption: 'The difficulties of the past continue to threaten the present'

    Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been installed as Queen's University's first female chancellor.

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    Video caption: US election 2020: How much did it cost and who paid for it?

    The US elections in 2020 cost a record $14bn. BBC Reality Check takes a look at where it came from and how it was spent

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    Video caption: Obama and top Democrats go after Donald Trump

    On a night that crowned the vice-presidential nominee, the party had choice words for the commander in chief.

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    Video caption: Hillary Clinton warns against Trump re-election

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at Democratic National Convention