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Seats 20137 Seats 20171 Change−6
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  1. Video content

    Video caption: Nottinghamshire councillor told he's a grandfather during meeting

    Councillor John Cottee said he was "gobsmacked" after hearing the news.

  2. Health boss welcomes Nottinghamshire-wide restrictions

    David Pittam

    BBC News Online

    Nottinghamshire's director of public health has welcomed the decision to put the whole of the county into "tier two" measures.

    Some MPs have criticised the move because of the wide range of infection rates, but Jonathan Gribbin says he is "pleased" restrictions will come in across the board.

    He said: "We see rates going up in every district and borough.

    "If we stay on this trajectory, we end up in a really bad place... every single one of us needs to stick with this."

    Jonathan Gribbin
  3. Nottingham spike: A week of rising cases

    David Pittam

    BBC News Online

    Nottingham's rise in coronavirus cases and its seven-day infection rate left some people telling me they felt it had come "out of nowhere".

    Last Monday, it was revealed the rate had jumped from 52 per 100,000 to more than 280 in just a week.

    The city's numbers continued to rise - with cases heavily concentrated in areas with high student populations - and by Tuesday the city council told everyone to stop mixing with other households indoors.

    On Wednesday, Nottinghamshire County Council followed suit.

    Nottinghamshire Police patrol

    By Thursday, Nottingham had the highest rate in the UK and with no government measures in place, the city council issued a plea for people not to use the weekend as one last chance to party before tighter rules came in.

  4. Plans to 'abolish' councils move forward

    Kit Sandeman

    Local Democracy Reporter

    Plans to abolish all top-level councils in Nottinghamshire have moved to the next phase.

    Conservative-led Nottinghamshire County Council will now write to the government, asking for an invitation to progress with its plans.

    The scheme, put forward by the authority, would see all the councils outside the city scrapped, and replaced with one super council, representing around 828,000 people.

    Nottinghamshire County Council

    Nottingham City Council has previously said it will put forward its own, rival proposal, which would see it expand into Rushcliffe, Gedling and Broxtowe.

    Supporters of the county council’s plan today said it was the only way to bridge the gaps in council finances after years of Government cuts and now financial pressure following the coronavirus outbreak.

    Opponents said it could "spell the end of the historic county of Nottinghamshire".

  5. Nottinghamshire's R number above 1 as cases in county rise

    Alex Regan

    BBC News

    The R number in Nottinghamshire is estimated to be between 1.1 and 1.8, the county's public health official has said.

    Jonathan Gribbin said the county's rate of infection has risen as the number of positive cases have increased, with five areas seeing more than 20 cases per 100,000 people.

    The R number, or reproduction number, is the number of people that one infected person will pass a virus on to on average and is a way of testing a disease's ability to spread.

    Across the UK at the start of the month, the R number was estimated to be 0.9 and 1.1.

    "If it is indeed as high as 1.8, that might mean we expect to see cases doubling in less than a week," Mr Gribbin said.

    He added although the R number was "not significantly greater" than some areas of the country, it is a cause for concern "as we move into the autumn and winter months".

    Coronavirus signs in high street

    Nottingham City Council's director of public health Alison Challenger said she is "concerned that there is quite a sharp increase in Covid cases across our area".

    In the city there have been 80 confirmed cases in the last week, compared with 34 the previous week.

    "It is community-wide which is why we're particularly concerned," she said.

    She also warned people to "take extreme care" when socialising this weekend before stricter rules on social gatherings come into force.

    Ms Challenger said although the so-called "rule of six" will be in place in England from Monday, "the virus is quite prevalent now in our communities".

  6. Councillor resigns after alleged Islamophobic comments

    Hugh Casswell

    Political reporter, BBC Radio Nottingham

    A Nottinghamshire councillor has resigned from his role on the council's Health and Wellbeing Board after he made alleged Islamophobic comments on social media in the wake of the Nice terror attack in 2016.

    Conservative Steve Vickers resigned from his position as chairman of the health board at Nottinghamshire County Council on Monday.

    County Hall

    The comments, which came to light earlier this year, were made before his election to the county council, but later led to him being suspended.

    He apologised at a recent council meeting and was appointed as chair of the health board, but there was pressure on him to step down.

    Some opposition councillors said they would boycott the meetings if he was still in post.

    The council leader Kay Cutts previously defended him, saying the comments were made in the heat of the moment, but it's now been confirmed that on Monday evening he resigned as chair.

  7. Councillor apologises for 'Islamophobic' remarks

    Hugh Casswell

    Political reporter, BBC Radio Nottingham

    A Nottinghamshire county councillor has apologised for comments he made in the aftermath of a terror attack in France.

    Steve Vickers said London Mayor Sadiq Khan "and his brethren" were "part of the problem" after 86 people were killed by a truck in Nice on Bastille Day in 2016, the comments coming before he was elected the following year.

    The comments led to his suspension earlier this year, but at the annual general meeting of the authority on Thursday - which was held virtually and streamed online after being abandoned two weeks ago - leader Kay Cutts said his apology had been accepted by the Conservative group and the party.

    However, Cllr Vickers was criticised by Labour's Alan Rhodes, who said anyone "who holds these Islamophobic views" should not be a councillor or "rewarded" with the chairmanship of the health and wellbeing board.

    Ashfield Independents' Jason Zadrozny said an apology should have been made in public, while Steve Carr, a councillor for the Liberal Democrats, said the handling of the issue was "an absolute disgrace".

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  8. Council meeting suspended over 'political imbalance'

    Hugh Casswell

    Political reporter, BBC Radio Nottingham

    A live-streamed meeting of Nottinghamshire County Council had to be abandoned this morning after some councillors claimed there was a political imbalance.

    The full council meeting had been planned to include only around 20 councillors, rather than the usual 66, to allow for social distancing but represent the authority's political balance.

    Before the meeting, Maureen Dobson, an unaligned independent councillor, said she would not attend, feeling it was unnecessary to have the meeting in person and wanted a risk assessment.

    council meeting

    Ashfield Independent councillor Tom Hollis, who would not have been part of the meeting otherwise, argued her not being there made the meeting politically imbalanced and wanted to take her place.

    Council chief executive Anthony May said Mr Hollis refused to leave.

    A few other options were discussed, such as increasing the overall number in attendance, but Labour felt this would have made social distancing impossible.

    Ashfield Independent leader Jason Zadrozny said: "If they can't have some honour with how they treat people and the balance of the council then we won't behave honourably either."

  9. 'Huge' queues reported at Nottinghamshire waste sites

    Samantha Noble

    BBC News Online

    "Huge" queues are being reported at waste sites across Nottinghamshire after they opened for the first time in weeks.

    Outside Beeston Recycling Centre, pictured below, people have told the BBC they had been queuing for about 40 minutes, while a staff member said people were arriving from 07:00.

    Nottingham City Council said at its site in Lenton, there is a queue of three to four hours.

    The council said on Twitter cars were being turned away and asked people to "avoid using this service today and store waste at home if it is safe to do so".

    Queues for Beeston waste site

    Nottinghamshire County Council said there have been "huge" queues at its waste and recycling centres this morning.

    On Twitter, the authority added: "Traffic enforcement is in place, but unfortunately many are ignoring the advice - creating dangerous situations potentially for blue light services needing to get around the county."

    "We can't stress this enough, this is the first day sites have reopened - you do not need to rush there, please wait a few days."

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  10. Council puts money towards pre-school childcare

    BBC Radio Nottingham

    Pre-school childcare providers in Nottingham are being encouraged to stay open for key workers over the Easter holidays.

    The city council says it will put £90,000 towards keeping private provision for children aged between two and four open over the break.

    Nottinghamshire County Council previously pledged cash to keep county schools running through the two-week period for children of key workers.

    Nottingham Council House