Mayor of the West of England

  1. Mayor's 'steel fist in velvet glove' threat

    Dan Norris with his dog Angel
    Image caption: Dan Norris with his dog Angel after being confirmed as the new Mayor of the West of England on Saturday

    West of England Mayor Dan Norris said he would approach the government with “a steel fist in a velvet glove” following his election.

    He said: “If [the government] doesn't deliver for us, we will have topoint that out.

    "I think over recent years things haven't come our way and there hasn't been a fuss made about it and that's not good for our region.

    "Our region needs some very important things, we deserve it and we've got to deliver on it," he said.

    He said some of his priorities would include launching a new public transport system for the region, housing and the environment.

  2. Bristol Mayor promises 'good relationships'

    Marvin Rees

    Marvin Rees, who will be Bristol’s Mayor for another three years following his re-election, said its city council will work well with other authorities regardless of their political affiliation.

    Mr Rees told BBC Politics West: "When we get to the local level, politics is about delivery.

    "We will work well with Toby [Savage], the Conservative [leader] in South Gloucestershire, we'll work well with Don [Davies] (North Somerset Council’s independent leader), and we'll work well with Bath and North East Somerset.

    "Our interests in Bristol are interdependent with our neighbours. This is about building really good relationships."

    He also praised former West of England Mayor Tim Bowles, who new Mayor Dan Norris accused of being “invisible”.

    Mr Rees said: "We had our frustrations with the combined authority but Tim's a very honourable person and I would say he's a person who you can shake hands with and you don't have to count your fingers. I really respected that with Tim."

  3. West of England must 'catch up', new Mayor says

    Labour’s Dan Norris, elected as Mayor of the West of England, said the region must “catch up” and accused his predecessor, Conservative Tim Bowles, of being “invisible”.

    Mr Norris polled 125,482 votes, beating Conservative businessman Samuel Williams by 40,093 votes.

    "I think the really important thing for us to do is to catch up because we all know that we had an invisible Tory metro mayor before,” Mr Norris said.

    "That's bad news for our region because our region was invisible too.

    "When I look at the work that's happening in other parts of the country, we really need to do something about that."

    Dan Norris
    Image caption: Dan Norris was confirmed as the new Mayor of the West of England on Saturday