New York

Flash floods as severe storms hit New York area
Hundreds of thousands of people lost power after storms dumped up to 3in (7.6cm) of rainfall.

The Hasidic pop-star known as the Jewish Lady Gaga

Lipa Schmeltzer heard pop for the first time aged 20 - and it changed his music forever
Lipa Schmeltzer has been called the Jewish Lady Gaga. That's because Lipa’s style of traditional singing is filled with pop flair. He grew up in a Hasidic Jewish family in upstate New York, without much influence from the outside world. His father was a Holocaust survivor and wanted Lipa to become a rabbi. But the pull of music proved too strong for Lipa. First he was involved with the traditional singing of his community, and then found pop when he heard it for the first time on the radio aged 20. Outlook’s Colm Flynn went to meet him.

Image: Lipa Schmeltzer
Credit: BBC
Parts of New York go dark in New York after power cut
A major power outage plunges large parts of Manhattan, including its subway stations, into darkness.