Highland Council

Boundary changes have occurred here. 2012 seats are an estimate of what the result would have been then if the new boundaries had been in place.

Election 2017 Results

Party Seats 2012 Seats 2017 Change


Seats 201233 Seats 201728 Change−5


Seats 201219 Seats 201722 Change+3

PartyLiberal Democrat

Seats 201214 Seats 201710 Change−4


Seats 20120 Seats 201710 Change+10


Seats 20128 Seats 20173 Change−5


Seats 20120 Seats 20171 Change+1
Change compared with

Latest Updates

Phased opening of Highlands schools begins

Thousands of pupils have been returning to classes at schools in the Highlands on what would have been their last full week of the summer holidays.

Eight primaries out of 203 schools across the Highland Council area have not opened, including Mallaig, Tore and Kyleakin.

The local authority said staff were working hard to have all schools open by 18 August.

It said those not open on Wednesday would do so once cleaning and health and safety checks were done, adding: "Safety and well-being is paramount for children and staff."

Plea for help to tackle 'uncontrolled camping'


Highland Council is to ask for Scottish government help to deal with what it described as "uncontrolled camping".

Councillors said many areas of the region had been "adversely affected by a huge increase" in people camping where there were no facilities, such as public toilets.

They said the situation posed a potential public health risk and may not improve even after the reopening of campsites, adding: "Future demand from 'staycationers' may well outstrip any possible supply of campsite spaces".

To reduce the health risk councillors have suggested increased waste collections, better traffic management, restrictions on alcohol consumption and financial support for beach or countryside wardens, temporary toilet and handwashing facilities.

Scotland Independence Referendum 2014

Highland votes NO
NOVotes 87,73952.92%
YESVotes 78,06947.08%


Turnout 87.00%

Rejected ballots 168