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New dictionary records 4,000 Yorkshire dialect words
A new dictionary has recorded 4,000 Yorkshire dialect words to track the use of such language.

Lectures cancelled as university has 'water supply issues'

Hundreds of students at the University of York have had their lectures cancelled today after a problem with the water supply.

Water leak

The university say many buildings across large parts of Campus West, which includes the library, are without water.


Portable toilets and bottled water are being brought onto the campus this afternoon for students.

University appoints new vice-chancellor

The University of Sheffield have appointed a new President and Vice-chancellor.

Headshot of Professor Koen Lamberts

Professor Koen Lamberts currently holds the same position at the University of York.

He will take up his new post in November.

I feel enormously privileged to be appointed. Sheffield is known across the world for the excellence, impact and distinctiveness of its research and teaching, and for being a university which speaks fearlessly for the value of international scholarship to transform lives for the better."

Professor Koen LambertsVice-chancellor University of York

'Rare hospital' recovery plans put forward

BBC Radio Jersey

Jersey Heritage wants to uncover and eventually restore a rare 19th Century hospital at Elizabeth Castle, according to its director.

Elizabeth castle

It has applied to the States to excavate the site with the University of York between 2-10 July.

Jon Carter, from Jersey Heritage, said archaeologists want to get "more clues" as to how the building may have been put together and what it may have looked like.

"In this excavation we'll look at the [hospital] building which we know used to be there, but no longer is. In the 18th Century there was a huge barracks on the green, in fact if you go to the top of the castle in summer you can see the outline of it in the grass."

Teams from Jersey Heritage hope to "begin work in a few years" to restore the hospital which was in use by about 1810, Mr Carter added.