Abortion ban: 'I had to give birth to my rapist's child'
Dina says Alabama's ban on abortion even in cases of rape and incest treats women as "an incubator".
Alabama passes bill banning abortion
The US state has voted to outlaw the procedure in almost all cases, including rape and incest.

Alabama passes a bill banning abortion

A sexual assault survivor explains why she believes this law is bad for women
The senate in the US state of Alabama has passed a highly restrictive abortion law. It effectively bans abortions, except when the woman's life is at risk. Abortion after rape or incest would be banned and doctors face from 10 to 99 years in prison for carrying out an abortion. Opponents warn that it's part of efforts to revoke the Supreme Court judgement Roe vs Wade, which established a constitutional right to end a pregnancy. Newsday's Tom Hagler spoke to Dina Zirlott who's campaigning against the legislation.  She was raped and became pregnant at age 17.

(Photo: Protesters on both sides of the abortion issue gather in front of the US Supreme Court  Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images)