John Major

The former PM says it would be "unacceptable" to force through a no-deal Brexit
The former PM would use legal action to prevent Parliament being suspended.

Sir John hits out at Brexit in Newcastle speech

Former prime minister Sir John Major has accused the Government of embarking on a policy of national "self harm" over Brexit.

He made the comments during a speech at Newcastle Cathedral today.

Sir John also said young people and those who are less well-off will be most impacted by the EU withdrawal.

He told the North East England Chamber of Commerce: "I believe Brexit is regressive.

"The campaigners for 'Leave' promised better times, yet Brexit will deliver far worse times.

"The Centre for European Reform estimates Brexit is already costing our public finances #320 million a week.

"And this, of course, excludes the 'divorce bill' of #39 billion, and the growing cost across Government of managing our exit from Europe.

"In addition, almost every sector of business has warned of trouble ahead - and every independent study of every conceivable Brexit - even by our own Government - shows that once we leave, the UK will be worse off, year after year after year.

"I can recall nothing to match this."

He also expressed concerns over poverty levels and called for more emphasis to be put on regional investment.

Sir John Major
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