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Where is Mark Zuckerberg?

UK Facebook chief Lord Allan is facing questions in front of an "international grand committee" of parliamentarians in London, including representatives from Brazil, Singapore, Latvia, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Ireland and the UK.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg repeatedly declined invitations to appear.

As a consequence the select committee for digital, culture, media and sport left an empty seat at the hearing and the official DCMS Twitter account tweeted:

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Zuckerberg says he won't stand down

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Mark Zuckerberg has said he does not intend to stand down as Facebook chairman despite renewed criticism over the social network's business practices.

In an interview with CNN, the Facebook founder was asked if he would step down as chairman - a role he holds alongside that of chief executive - and said "that's not the plan", before adding: "I am currently not thinking that makes sense."

Mark Zuckerberg, missing in inaction

Dave Lee

North America technology reporter

Mark Zuckerberg
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Mark Zuckerberg is both chief executive and chairman of Facebook.

In the wake of a damning New York Times report, he is facing renewed questions on whether he should relinquish at least one of those roles.

The Times’ report, which it said was based on interviews with more than 50 insiders, is extraordinary. Mr Zuckerberg is notable by his absence at times of major decision-making at the firm he founded as a college kid.

On the topic of whether Donald Trump, in calling for a ban on Muslims entering the US, had broken Facebook’s policies: “Mr Zuckerberg did not participate in the debate.”

On the issue of sharing data about to what extent the firm should share details of Russian meddling with the public, Mr Zuckerberg “did not participate in the conversations”.

And Alex Stamos, the firm’s now-departed head of security, is said to have been “alarmed” at Mr Zuckerberg’s lack of awareness of fake news. As Mr Zuckerberg brushed off the concern as a “crazy idea”, Mr Stamos knew very differently - but was reportedly later scolded for investigating without permission from his superiors.

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