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  1. Council increase funding for social care providers

    Knowsley Council has increased the funding for care providers in their borough as a response to increased pressure on the sector due to Covid-19.

    Knowsley Council Building

    The council says that higher staff absences and the additional costs as a result of Covid-19 are increasing demand on carers and so additional support will be provided by the council.

    Support includes:

    • Payments to home care providers increased by 7% so all private care sector workers are paid the National Living Wage
    • Payments increased to all care providers by 5% until June, with a potential three-month extension
    • Further payments to all care providers to cover any costs due to sickness absence

    Councillor Sean Donnelly said:

    Quote Message: The pressure on the system currently is incredible and organisations and individuals really are struggling in the face of the significant challenges arising from COVID-19.
  2. Council issue Covid-19 loan sharks warning

    Knowsley Council are warning residents of a rise in illegal money lenders taking advantage of the Covid-19 lockdown to trap people in debt.

    Knowsley Council Building

    The council said lenders have been taking victims' passports, licences and bank cards as security, and have left many borrowers feeling threatened or intimidated.

    Councillor Jayne Aston said:

    Quote Message: Loan sharks prey on the most vulnerable and will intimidate, manipulate and trap people into a debt spiral. I urge residents to remain vigilant and watch out for illegal money lenders trying to take advantage during these difficult times.

    The authority advises residents to seek help from Citizens Advice or the England Illegal Money Lending Team if they have been approached by an illegal lender.

  3. Election results: Count starts in Knowsley

    The count has started in Knowsley.

    Votes will be verified first and then counted for the Borough Elections.

    Parish and Town Council votes will be counted this afternoon.

    Count underway in Knowsley
  4. Have the poorest councils had the biggest cuts?

    Reality Check

    The BBC's Reality Check team looks at Labour's claim that the most deprived council areas of England have seen more cuts than their better-off neighbours.

    Labour said it looked at the spending power of the 10 most deprived council areas, according to an official ranking published every few years by the government - most recently in 2015.

    Those areas include Blackpool, Burnley, Knowsley, Liverpool and Manchester.

    BBC analysis suggests that all 10 listed areas saw higher than average cuts and for nine of them, that cut was at least twice the average.

    Since 2010, council spending power, including funding from central government and local taxes, has fallen by almost 30%.

    Social housing
  5. City region households facing council tax rise to fund mayor

    People living in Liverpool City Region are facing a higher council tax bill to pay for the running costs of its mayor.

    Steve Rotheram

    Mayor Steve Rotheram is proposing a precept which will see most residents paying between £12.67 and £38 a year on top of their existing council tax, depending on which band their property is in.

    The bill for his first year as mayor was paid for by the six local authorities of the city region, which cannot afford to repeat the outlay this year.

    "In the face of continuing austerity, we cannot expect our six local authorities to carry on funding the combined authority," said Mr Rotheram

  6. Council drops plan to sell off parks

    In case you missed this last night, plans to sell off 10% of Knowsley Council's parks are being scrapped as residents "value them too much to lose them", says the authority's new leader.


    The council, in Merseyside, planned to sell 17 sites saying it would protect the rest of its 144 parks from government funding cuts "forever".

    The move was criticised by MPs and had been called in by councillors.

    Councillor Graham Morgan said they were "one of Knowsley's greatest assets" and £1.3m of cuts would be found elsewhere.

  7. Local Elections 2018: Greens gain first ever seat in Knowsley

    Kai Taylor has become Knowsley's first ever Green Party councillor after being elected in Prescot South ward.

    In a tweet he said it was an "honour".

    The Greens have never stood before in Prescot South but scored a thumping victory with a majority of 784.

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  8. Local Elections 2018: Knowsley Labour cabinet member ousted by independant

    There is a big loss for Labour in Halewood South as cabinet member Gary See loses his seat to independent Allan Harvey.

    Mr Harvey is currently a Halewood Town councillor, and won by just 41 votes.

    And Greens have gained in Prescot South with Kai Anthony Taylor winning by 784 votes.