Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

A third of the seats in Knowsley were up for election this year. Find out more about these elections.

Election 2018 Results

Party Elected in 2018 Total councillors Change


Elected in 2018 12 Total councillors 40 Change-2

PartyLiberal Democrat

Elected in 2018 1 Total councillors 3 ChangeNo results


Elected in 2018 1 Total councillors 1 Change+1


Elected in 2018 1 Total councillors 1 Change+1
Councillors change compared with 2016

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Council drops plan to sell off parks

In case you missed this last night, plans to sell off 10% of Knowsley Council's parks are being scrapped as residents "value them too much to lose them", says the authority's new leader.


The council, in Merseyside, planned to sell 17 sites saying it would protect the rest of its 144 parks from government funding cuts "forever".

The move was criticised by MPs and had been called in by councillors.

Councillor Graham Morgan said they were "one of Knowsley's greatest assets" and £1.3m of cuts would be found elsewhere.

Local Elections 2018: Greens gain first ever seat in Knowsley

Kai Taylor has become Knowsley's first ever Green Party councillor after being elected in Prescot South ward.

In a tweet he said it was an "honour".

The Greens have never stood before in Prescot South but scored a thumping victory with a majority of 784.

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Local Elections 2018: Knowsley Labour cabinet member ousted by independant

There is a big loss for Labour in Halewood South as cabinet member Gary See loses his seat to independent Allan Harvey.

Mr Harvey is currently a Halewood Town councillor, and won by just 41 votes.

And Greens have gained in Prescot South with Kai Anthony Taylor winning by 784 votes.