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Flags to fly in Newham to mark Armed Forces Day

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Newham council will be hoisting flags at its town halls this weekend in honour of the armed forces.

The flags, with the slogan “Armed Forces Day, show your support”, will be on display in Stratford and East Ham from tomorrow.

Councillor Terry Paul said: “We fly the flag to salute our armed forces who protect us, defend this country’s interests and answer the call to deal with humanitarian disasters across the globe.

“They face risk every day and some fall in the line of duty. We are proud of those servicemen and women who call Newham home. We owe them gratitude and respect and our support.”

Armed Forces Day raises awareness of the contribution made by those who serve or have served in the Army, Royal Air Force or Navy.

Cllr Paul said the flags should not be seen as support for any war.

He added: “Our decision to fly they flag must not be seen as support for war or conflict or government policy. It is about people and their families and how we can look after them during and after their dedicated service.”

Thousands call for dog 'on death row' to be saved

Local Democracy Reporting Service

Ellie the dog
Local Democracy Reporting Service

Thousands of people have called for a London council to release a stray dog that could be put down despite having a “loving home waiting for her”.

Newham Council is facing a legal battle over its decision to euthanise Ellie, a mongrel who ran into the Docklands Equestrian Stables on Valentine’s Day.

After finding her, stables manager Terry Minns called the council’s warden service and spent the evening feeding the emaciated animal.

A warden arrived to pick up Ellie the following morning and Mrs Minns said that if no one claimed her she would give her a home.

However, she said she was later informed Ellie was a “dangerous dog” and would be put to sleep.

Mrs Minns hired a lawyer who has taken out an emergency order in the High Court to twice stop the council putting down the dog.

An independent assessor has said she is not dangerous or a pit bull terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino or Fila Braziliero — breeds banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Ellie is now “unfairly sitting on death row”, lawyer James Parry said.

Mrs Minns said: “Ellie isn’t a prohibited breed, she hasn’t bitten anyone and an assessor has declared she is not dangerous."

“A loving home awaits and she deserves a chance to be part of it,” she said.

More than 7,000 people have signed a petition to save Ellie and £3,000 has so far been crowdfunded to help with court fees.

East Ham MP Stephen Timms has also called on the council to reverse its decision.

Newham council’s website says it tries to rehome stray dogs with rescue groups and rehoming centres.

A council spokesman would not comment on the legal case adding, “where there is doubt that any particular dog may present a risk to the public we need to ensure that these dogs are not placed in a position where they may cause harm or injury either to people or to other animals.”

Newham set to be first London borough to ban bailiffs

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An east London borough is set to be the first local authority in London to ban bailiffs from collecting unpaid fines and council tax payments.

Newham Council has said it will not be sending out enforcement officers to collect unpaid money in the new financial year because of the impact of Universal Credit.

Officers from OneSource Enforcement Services, a shared service between the Newham, Havering and Bexley, can currently be sent to households when council tax, parking penalty fines, business rates or commercial rent have not been paid.

The council writes to residents who have outstanding payments and gives them seven days to pay up.

If the money is not received, bailiffs are sent to the address where they can “collect the money or remove goods or possessions from your home to the value of the debt you owe”, according to the council website.

They also have the power to clamp or remove vehicles.

Newham mayor Rokhsana Fiaz said the scheme targets the most vulnerable residents.

“Given the impact Universal Credit and benefit cuts are having on some of our residents I did not want to have a contract with bailiffs in place," she said.

Marc Francis, policy director at anti-poverty charity Zacchaeus 2000 Trust, said Newham were the first council he had seen which had fully committed to the policy.

He added: “More than half of England’s poorest households have had bailiffs instructed on them, which is a terrifying. We really welcome the lift of this threat.”

Only 13 Newham firms pay London Living Wage

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Newham councillors are calling on all businesses to pay staff fairly after revealing there are just 13 companies in the borough which have committed to paying the London Living Wage.

A motion going before the full council on Monday will ask that the local authority becomes London Living Wage accredited.

If passed it will ensure all staff directly employed by the council will be paid at least £10.55 per hour.

Minimum wage in the UK is currently £7.83 for people over 25 but just £4.20 for workers under 18.

Newham is one of the poorest boroughs in the capital, with just over 40% of residents estimated to live in poverty.

Delay to homelessness centre opening

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The opening of a new homelessness assessment centre designed to help tackle the problem of rough sleepers in Newham has been delayed.

A 20-bed hub, staffed by specialists in mental health and drug and alcohol treatment, was announced by new mayor Rokhsana Fiaz in June and was due to be up and running in October.

But “teething problems” have postponed the opening. The centre will be based at Caritas Anchor House, in Barking Road, after plans to set up elsewhere in the borough fell through.

The charity is currently building an extension and 10 beds will be available on 17 December, a Newham council spokeswoman said. The full facility will not be open until next year.

Referendum on Newham mayor in 2020

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Rokhsana Fiaz
Labour Party
Rokhsana Fiaz is Newham's current mayor

Residents will decide whether to scrap the directly elected mayoral system used in the borough where the Olympics was held.

Newham council will hold a referendum on whether to revert back to a leader and cabinet model on 7 May 2020 – the same day as the London Mayor elections.

Elected mayors hold more power than traditional council leaders because they can approve major plans without the support of a majority of councillors.

Newham is one of four in London with an elected mayor and will be the first council in the capital to vote on scrapping them.

Sir Robin Wales became Newham’s first elected Labour mayor in 2002.

He was ousted by Rokhsana Fiaz earlier this year and she won a landslide victory at the local elections in May.