Will wait staff get their tips?

Waiter taking order
Getty Images

In the Queen's Speech earlier, Boris Johnson's government committed to deliver on plans set out by his predecessor, Theresa May, who promised to make sure that restaurant waiting staff receive 100% of their tips.

It follows an outcry that some major restaurant chains - such as Giraffe and Prezzo - were keeping as much as 10% of tips paid by card.

The bill puts a legal obligation on restaurateurs to "pass on all tips, gratuities and services charges to workers without deductions".

But Unite said it has been waiting for a change to tipping laws for more than three years.

"The Tories promised to tackle the tipping abuses first with a consultation that ended in June 2016 and then with a promise of legislation over one year ago by former prime minister Theresa May," the union said.

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