Lobbying in the United Kingdom

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    Video caption: David Cameron answers MPs' questions about Greensill Capital lobbying

    The former prime minister answers MPs' questions about his lobbying for Greensill Capital.

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    Video caption: Boris Johnson's flat: 'Were private donations used to pay for refurbishment?'

    The UK's top civil servant is asked about how the refurbishment of Boris Johnson's flat was paid for.

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    Video caption: Labour's Angela Rayner: 'Where are you getting money, Boris, to do up your flat?'

    Labour wants PM to explain the funding of refurbishments to the his Downing Street flat.

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    Video caption: Sir Keir Starmer: 'Every day there's more sleaze, it stinks'

    The Labour leader says the prime minister's attempts to answer allegations over his behaviour are "contemptuous".