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Cyclone Amphan: packed evacuation centres during coronavirus pandemic

Local government buildings have been sanitised ready for those who need to be isolated
Bangladesh and India are waiting for what is expected to be one of the fiercest cyclones in years to make landfall later on Wednesday. 

Cyclone Amphan is expected to bring winds of up to 185 kilometres per hour and the authorities have been racing to evacuate people who are living in low lying areas.  But how can people safely go to crowded shelters with the coronavirus pandemic ongoing? 

Snigdha Chakraborty of the Catholic Relief Services in Bangladesh says they've been busy sanitising local government buildings in case anyone develops symptoms and needs to be isolated.

(Photo: A volunteer uses a megaphone to urge residents to evacuate to shelters ahead of the expected landfall of cyclone Amphan in Khulna, Bangladesh.  Credit: Getty Images)