Myanmar: No homecoming for Rohingyas
Almost two years since 700,000 Rohingyas fled violence in Myanmar, there's no sign of them returning.
Rare look at Myanmar military celebrations
The BBC is allowed rare access to Myanmar's huge military celebrations, marking the country's 74th Armed Forces Day.

Rescuing Rohingya Food

A refugee couple's efforts to keep their people's cuisine alive
Abdul Jabbar-Amanula fled Myanmar aged 12 as a Rohingya refugee, fearing for his life. He has not seen his mother since. He and his wife Rehana Zafa Ahmed now live in Chicago, along with a few hundred other Rohingya who have escaped persecution in their homeland. The couple tell Emily Thomas how food connects them to the people and the home they left behind, and how they are trying to prevent Rohingya cuisine from disappearing.

(Picture: Rehana Zafa Ahmed, left, and Abdul Jabbar-Amanula. Credit: Sam Clapp)