Drinking OJ

James Gallagher

Health and science correspondent, BBC News

A study suggests a link for both fizzy pop and fruit juices, although the reason is not clear.

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MPs hear an unhealthy food tax may be needed

Top medical adviser says action is needed to cut consumption of unhealthy foods.
The Government's top medical advisor for England has confirmed to MPs that a tax on unhealthy foods could be one way to help people to improve their diet and reduce the growing problem of obesity. Other ideas could include plain packaging for some products - like crisps. Simon Jones reports.
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Is Tate and Lyle ready for Brexit?
BBC Breakfast's Ben Thompson visits Tate and Lyle's sugar warehouse in east London to find out just how ready the company is for Brexit.
How saccharin became a million dollar idea.
The BBC's Aaron Heslehurst explains how saccharin became a million dollar idea.

Charting a better way for African sugar

How big companies could produce sugar more ethically and more profitably in Africa
Almost half of all land disputes between sugar companies and local communities across Africa last more than a decade.  New research from the Overseas Development Institute says it's costing companies up to US$100 million in lost revenue, often due to land disputes.  Anna Locke from the Overseas Development Institute says there are ways to resolve the problems.

(Pic: Sugar in the palm of workers hands ; Credit: Reuters)