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John Legend laments 'insane, radical' US gun culture

John Legend
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The US singer has released a new protest song inspired by the onslaught of negative news coming out of America - gun violence, bigotry, child separation, police brutality.

"It's stressful to read the news sometimes," the singer told our music reporter Mark Savage.

"Sometimes we can get so frustrated and throw up our hands, and it's important that we realise we can actually do something."

The song's chorus: I can't sit and hope / I can't just sit and pray is directly targeted at US politicians, and their reluctance to tackle the country's gun laws.

"Every time there's a gun massacre in America, which is way too often, politicians come out and say, 'We send our hopes and prayers to the victims and their families' and then they don't do anything about it," he says.

"So the song is basically a rebuke of the people in power.

Listen to the song below...

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