UK heatwaves

Three facts about the recent heatwave
There are three important facts you may not know about last week's record-breaking heatwave.
Weather for the week ahead
After record breaking heat things look cooler and, for some, wetter over the weekend and the early part of next week.

Severn Trent pledges no hosepipe ban this summer

Water company Severn Trent has promised it will not bring in a hosepipe ban this year, despite rising demand during this week's heatwave.

Garden hose in operation

The UK recorded its second hottest day ever yesterday, with temperatures reaching 38.1C (100.6F).

But the firm, which supplies much of the West Midlands, said its reservoirs were 87% full, compared with 71% at the same time last year.

During yesterday's hot weather, people used more than two billion litres of water from Severn Trent.