Boy, eight, reported over 'upskirting'

BBC Newcastle

A schoolboy in the North East was investigated in connection with an alleged incident of what is now the new crime upskirting, it has emerged.

The action - involving filming or taking photographs under someone's clothes - officially became a specific criminal offence today.

Nationally, around 100 instances were reported to police in 2018.

One of them, reported to Northumbria Police, was a schoolboy who apparently put his phone on the ground to try and film up a girl's skirt.

Until now offenders could only be prosecuted for voyeurism, which only applies to filming in "private", or outraging public decency, which usually requires a witness.

But following a campaign by Gina Martin, who was targeted at an outdoor concert, the government has created a specific offence of upskirting where the purpose is to obtain sexual gratification, or to cause humiliation, distress or alarm.