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  1. Hull policeman sacked for gross misconduct

    A Humberside Police officer has been sacked with immediate effect following a number of misconduct allegations.

    Humberside Police HQ

    Writing on the force's website, Humberside Police said: "Following a misconduct hearing yesterday, PC Daniel Ward has been dismissed from the Force."

    The hearing heard allegations that PC Ward had lied about his whereabouts on multiple occasions to avoid answering call-out requests.

    Following the two-day hearing, a panel found his actions "amounted to gross misconduct and he was dismissed with immediate effect."

    Det Supt Matthew Baldwin, from the Professional Standards Department said: “We expect officers to act with honesty and integrity at all times and Mr Ward’s conduct was dishonest, falling well short of the standards we expect.

    “It’s vital that we maintain the public’s trust and confidence by removing anyone from the force whose behaviour undermines this.”

  2. Covid rule breakers should 'expect' fines - Police

    People in East Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire who willingly break the law over the coronavirus lockdown should expect to be fined, according to Humberside Police.

    A police officer's jacket

    From today, many shops have been forced to close and households cannot mix, except for childcare or those in support bubbles.

    Assistant Ch Con Chris Noble, from Humberside Police, has thanked those people East Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire who have been following the rules so far.

    However, people who plan to willingly break the rules will be dealt with through fines, he says.

    "I would appeal to anyone thinking about this [breaking the rules] to think very carefully about their actions and about how they would feel if others were endangering their loved ones, and I would ask you to make the right choice," he says.

    "As has been our approach throughout the pandemic, we will continue to engage with people sensibly and fairly, explaining and encouraging people to follow the restrictions in place."

    He adds that enforcement will be a "last resort", saying people who "recklessly" ignore the rules and organise gatherings should "expect to receive a fixed penalty notice".

  3. Masked robbers target man at Grimsby flat

    A gang of three robbers broke into a flat in Grimsby on Friday, stealing a man's phone and cash.

    Police said the men, wearing face masks and black gloves, assaulted the man at the property in Villa Court at about 10:00 BST.

    Villa Court

    All were described as being of heavy build, one wearing a hi-vis vest, another wearing a black jacket with black flat cap and the third wearing distinctive black framed glasses with an accent not local to the area.

    Officers believe it was a targeted attack with no wider risk to the community, but are asking for anyone who saw anything suspicious on Humberston Road at around that time to contact them.

  4. Hate crimes 'lead to social isolation', say police

    Hate crimes against people with disabilities are leading to an increase in social isolation, according to Humberside Police.

    Danny Fleming

    The force said a large number of hate crimes go unreported, especially for the visually or hearing impaired.

    Officers believe many people have learned to live with the abuse, but it’s still unacceptable and should be reported.

    PC Danny Fleming said: "People won't want to go out. They are stuck between four walls, in the fear that when they do go out they will be subjected to more hate crime again.

    "It needs to stop before we get to that stage."

  5. County lines raids: Arrests made across Yorkshire

    Suspected criminals in Yorkshire who operate so-called "county lines" gangs have been arrested as part of a week-long national crackdown.

    Police raiding a property

    "County lines" operations involve young and vulnerable people being used as couriers to move drugs and cash between cities and smaller towns.

    Raids in the past week, involving all 43 regional forces in England and Wales, had been the most successful of their kind, according to police.

    Humberside Police said 20 people had been arrested with thousands of pounds' worth of suspected drugs being seized.

    In total, 29 vulnerable people had been protected, the force said.

    In North Yorkshire, 15 people were arrested as part of the crackdown, with 16 people being arrested in West Yorkshire.

    Raids were also carried out in South Yorkshire with 16 people being arrested, police say.

  6. Police to enforce Covid-19 rules 'as last resort'

    Humberside Police will enforce the government's new Covid-19 rules - but only as a last resort, the body which represents officers in East Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire has said.

    Humberside Police

    From today in England, shop workers will have to wear face coverings and pubs and restaurants must close by 22:00 every night as part of the new rules.

    People should also work from home where possible, only 15 people will be allowed to attend a wedding and fines for not wearing masks are to increase to £200, restrictions state.

    Pete Musgrave, from the Humberside Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file police officers, says his members will continue to use an "exchange and explain approach".

    He said: "We'd obviously engage those people, explain what we're doing, and only as a last resort, if we're not getting the compliance we want from those people after we've done all those things, then potentially we'd look to doing the enforce side of it with the fixed penalty notice.

    "I don't see us jumping straight into enforcement straight away," he added.