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    Video caption: 'Packed nightclub' in Birmingham with 150 revellers inside raided

    Police found a bar, a VIP area and clubbers in one building plus more people at the 'Covid Arms'

  2. Forensics officers highlighted in documentary

    Forensics experts from West Midlands Police are the focus of a new television series.

    Forensics officer

    Forensics: The Real CSI reveals the role cutting-edge forensic science now plays in bringing criminals to justice.

    The first programme looks at how forensic evidence helped detectives piece together the events of a double murder in Birmingham.

    You can watch the show on BBC Two at 21:00 GMT and afterwards on the BBC iPlayer.

  3. Officer injured as brick thrown through police car window

    A police officer sustained a head injury when a brick was thrown through the window of a patrol car she was sitting in.

    The smashed police car window

    West Midlands Police said two of its officers had parked in Maytree Close, Chemsley Wood, at 23:15 GMT on Sunday, while waiting for recovery as they had a flat tyre.

    As the officers were doing some paperwork, a brick was thrown through a rear window, hitting one of the officers on the head.

    The officer's injury

    She was not seriously injured, the force said, but required medical treatment from paramedics and has been left "shaken and upset".

    The suspect was riding a bike and was dressed in black clothing, police said, and the force is appealing for witnesses.

    Ch Supt Ian Green, from the force, branded the attack: "Absolutely mindless violence that could have been so much worse.

    "No-one comes to work and deserves this."

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    Video caption: West Midlands Police: Viral video of Solihull Covid officer

    Behaviour which a force has described as unacceptable has been viewed more than a million times.

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    Video caption: Footage shows officer 'rammed' off motorbike in Oldbury

    Footage shows a banned driver in a stolen car drive into a police officer on his motorbike.

  6. Chief constable back at work after 'mild' Covid case

    The chief constable of West Midlands Police is back at work after what he said was a "mild" case of Covid-19.

    Sir David Thompson said he had been working remotely during his recovery.

    David Thompson

    A force meeting last week heard West Midlands Police had a combined sickness and self-isolation rate of more than 10% of its total officer and police staff numbers, heading into the end of January.

  7. Call for police officers to get next priority for vaccine

    Police officers should be next in line for the coronavirus vaccine, the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner has said.

    David Jamieson said he recognised health workers should be given first priority, but pointed out: "police officers have constant contact with the public" and also needed the jab.

    David Jamieson

    "I think there is a risk to the effectiveness of the police if we don't get some of them vaccinated and we don't reduce the number of people who are ill and sick," he said.

    Mr Jamieson said he had written to the vaccines minister and the policing minister, along with the West Midlands Chief Constable and the local chair of the police federation, to ask for police officers and staff to get priority.

  8. Police call for greater clarity on coronavirus laws


    The laws on coronavirus restrictions need to be made more specific, the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner has said.

    David Jamieson complained that officers have found "big parties going on" at private addresses, but have no power to enter unless they suspect another crime is going on.

    David Jamieson

    Mr Jamieson also said it was a "weakness in the law" that someone could claim a medical exemption for not wearing a mask, without having to provide evidence.

    Quote Message: If we're having the law that people need to wear a mask then it needs to be really enforceable and if people can just say 'I don't need to wear one' then it really is problematic to enforce." from David Jamieson West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner
    David JamiesonWest Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner