East Ayrshire Council

Boundary changes have occurred here. 2012 seats are an estimate of what the result would have been then if the new boundaries had been in place.

Election 2017 Results

Party Seats 2012 Seats 2017 Change


Seats 201215 Seats 201714 Change−1


Seats 201214 Seats 20179 Change−5


Seats 20122 Seats 20176 Change+4


Seats 20121 Seats 20173 Change+2
Change compared with

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BreakingEast Ayrshire - final result

SNP biggest party as Tories gain

The SNP lost one seat but remain the biggest party in East Ayrshire with 14 seats.

Labour lost five seats, going from 14 to nine.

The Conservatives gained four seats, up from two to six.

Independents went from one to three. 

The council had been an SNP/Conservative coalition administration.

Rubbish Party win seat in East Ayrshire

Sally Cogley of the Rubbish Party takes a seat in East Ayrshire's Irvine Valley ward. East Ayrshire results so far:

Ward 1 Annick – John MacFadzean (Cons); Ellen Freel (Ind); Gordon Jenkins (SNP); John McGhee (Scottish Labour)

Ward 2 – Kilmarnock North - Helen Coffey (SNP); Ian Grant (Scottish Conservative); Maureen McKay (Scottish Labour)

Ward 6 – Irvine Valley – Sally Cogley (Rubbish Party); George Mair (Labour); Elena Whitham (SNP)

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Scotland Independence Referendum 2014

East Ayrshire votes NO
NOVotes 44,44252.78%
YESVotes 39,76247.22%


Turnout 84.55%

Rejected ballots 58