Yoga experience in St Edmundsbury Cathedral 'boosts wellbeing'
The ornate setting helps relaxation and improves mental health, according to its organiser.

Battling Gym-timidation

Jess and Laura are plus-sized bloggers encouraging people to feel comfortable in the gym.
Plus-sized bloggers Jess Millichamp and Laura Ferry share body-positive videos on social media, encouraging people to feel comfortable in the gym.

“Burning calories is the same whether you’re a size 8 or a size 28,” said Laura. 

“Yes you’re sweating buckets, but who cares?”

“That’s the point in going.”

Produced by Maia Lowerson for BBC 5 Live.
Ex-prisoner creates keep-fit regime for cell-sized spaces
LJ Flanders has published a book of workouts which can be performed in prison cell-sized spaces.
Women's World Cup: Cuthbert & Bright's easy drills to help you improve your skills
Scotland striker Erin Cuthbert and England defender Millie Bright take us through some of their favourite training drills and routines to help improve skills and fitness.