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Housing costs see record number of Londoners in poverty

Sam Francis

BBC News, London

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Housing costs are pushing more Londoners into poverty, new data has revealed.

Official figures from City Hall show a record 2.4 million Londoners are currently living in poverty, once housing costs have been taken into account.

This is an increase of 400,000 in the last 10 years.

The rate of poverty has remained relatively constant at 28%, as London's population has increased.

The study defines "relative low income" people as those earning less than 60% of the most typical median income, which for a combined household income stands at below £524 a week.

One in three children in London live in households with income below the poverty line.

More than one in five of London’s children grow up in persistent poverty, where household income falls below the poverty line in at least three out of four successive years.

While the poverty rate for children in London has decreased slightly over the last decade it remains higher than for any other region in the UK.

London is also the only part of the country where taking housing costs into account increases poverty rates among pensioners.

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