1. Coronavirus: Contactless push sees cash machine use drop

    The use of cash in parts of the East Riding of Yorkshire have dropped dramatically because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to new research from a cash machine provider.

    A man using a cash machine

    It comes after businesses encouraged people to go contactless to stop the spread of the virus.

    Going contactless means shoppers only need to tap their debit or credit cards on a terminal to pay - rather than handing over notes or coins.

    Link, the company behind many of the UK's cash machines, says in the Beverley area cash withdrawals fell by as much as 72% during April.

    In Hull that figure was 50%, it added.

    There's a greater dependency on cash in underprivileged areas across the county, according to Link.

  2. A backlash against cashless?

    Man paying with contactless in a shop

    The New York City Council voted to ban cashless business yesterday.

    Lawmakers voted in favour of a bill that forces shops and restaurants to accept cash for payment, or face a fine.

    The council speaker Corey Johnson said that cashless stores "punish" New Yorkers who don't have bank accounts or credit cards.

    Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to sign the bill. After that, local businesses would have about nine months to adjust to the new rules.

    Have you been left without a way to pay in a cashless shop before? Or do you not bother carrying coins anymore? Get in touch:

  3. Link gets 2,700 ATM requests

    people taking money from cash machines

    Link, which oversees the UK's network of cash machines, said in October it would set up a £1m fund to pay for ATMs in so-called cash deserts.

    Communities were able to request a free-to-use ATM for their area if they are finding it hard to access cash.

    It has just announced that banks and building societies will contribute another £4m to fund cash machines after receiving 2,700 enquiries.

    But it said many of the requests have come from very small communities where there is limited retail activity and where an ATM may not always be viable. Therefore, it will publish a list of areas containing four shops or less with no free access to cash within 1km via either an ATM or a Post Office.

    John Howells, chief executive, said: "By publishing this data, we hope it will be helpful to organisations who are considering developing new innovations other than ATMs to provide access to cash such as the work by PayPoint, the retail terminal specialist, looking at the provision of cash directly from retailers’ tills.”

    Link said it had visited more than 50 locations and has already agreed in principle to commission over 20 new ATMs.

  4. How to avoid a cyber scam

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    Video caption: What's the best way to protect your money in the digital age?