US immigration

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    Video caption: US student visas: 'We’re at the government’s mercy'

    US immigration recently announced that those whose courses became online-only, could risk losing their visas.

  2. Graduate student 'scared' over US deportation risk

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    Video caption: Foreign students told they must leave the country if their classes are all taught online

    Foreign students in the US have been told they'll have to leave the country if their classes are all taught online.

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    Video caption: Life for asylum seekers in lockdown on the US-Mexico border

    Magaly Contreras has spent nine months in a Tijuana shelter and is worried about her future.

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    Video caption: Trump signs order suspending some green cards

    The president says this ensures Americans will be "first in line for jobs" when the economy reopens.

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    Video caption: Trump outlines his rationale for green card ban

    The president said he wants to put Americans "first in line for jobs" as the country reopens.

  6. President Trump tweets he'll suspend immigration to US

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    Video caption: He says the move would protect US jobs from effect of coronavirus

    He say move is a response to "invisible enemy" and would protect jobs