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  1. Where now for the pound?

    The Andrew Marr Show

    Sterling notes and coins and dollars

    If the UK and the EU fail to reach a Brexit agreement, there will be a great deal of focus on the value of pound.

    Back in June 2016, when the UK voted to leave the European Union, sterling plunged against the dollar and it has been volatile since though it has never managed to surpass $1.50 against the dollar.

    The pound v the dollar over five years
    Image caption: The pound v the dollar over five years

    Over the past week, the pound has been buffeted by the changing language emerging from the Brexit negotiations and is currently trading around $1.32.

    So what does Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab expect to happen to the pound?

    "There has already been currency fluctuations. Of course there's a flip side temporarily for that, it is a boost to exporters but obviously it has a challenge domestically," he told The Andrew Marr Show.

    When currency markets in Asia open this evening, we'll get our first indication of the scale of those challenges.

  2. Pound rallies on chancellor reshuffle

    Sunak (r) in a Cabinet meeting, December 2019
    Image caption: Sunak (r) in a Cabinet meeting, December 2019

    The pound "seems to like this reshuffle," says Neil Wilson of

    He notes that the pound fell against the dollar after Sajid Javid resigned as chancellor. But it swiftly rebounded through 1.30 toward 1.30240 when Rishi Sunak was announced as his replacement.

    Gilt yields also moved higher, with the market betting on "more spending, less austerity and more growth," under the new chancellor.

    Mr Wilson describes the move as a "blatant power grab by Boris and Cummings over the Treasury".

    "Boris Johnson is taking the Kirstie Allsopp approach to how to make Number 10 and Number 11 work for him: that is, just knock through.

    "The fiscal floodgates are about to open – whatever brake the Treasury might have had on Number 10 has been cut entirely with this move."

  3. Pound rises on rate hold

    The Bank of England's new governor Andrew Bailey
    Image caption: The Bank of England's new governor Andrew Bailey will have to 'land on his feet running'

    The pound has risen 0.35% against the dollar to $1.3067 after the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee voted to hold the interest rate.

    Sterling also gained against the euro, up 0.21% at €1.1849.

    The MPC made clear, however, that it may act if the UK economy fails to gain momentum.

    "With Mark Carney seemingly having deferred this policy decision to his successor, Andrew Bailey will need to land on his feet running," says Principal Global Investors' market strategist, Seema Shah.

    "Unless economic activity data improves measurably over the coming months, reflecting proof of the so-called 'Boris bounce', and interest rate cut is likely to remain on the agenda for 2020.".

  4. The immediate impact on the pound

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    A quick reminder of the movement in the pound the moment that exit poll was published from this tweet by the BBC's economics editor Faisal Islam on Thursday.

    The pound has reached $1.3516 - the highest since May 2018 - but drifted back to around $1.3470.

  5. Sterling ticks lower

    The pound ticked lower on the dollar on Friday remains above the $1.31 level.

    Sterling is down 0.19% $1.3133 and off 0.11% against the euro at €1.1838.

  6. Pound climbs higher

    Pound coins

    Sterling is continuing to make gains on the dollar and the euro.

    The pound is up 0.24% at $1.3136 and is ahead of the single currency at €1.1842.

  7. Pound rebounds, slightly

    Pound, dollar and euro

    The pound has bounced back, slightly.

    After a fairly dismal day that has seen sterling slide by as much as 0.9% against the dollar to trade as low as $1.25 - and undo a lot of last week's gains, the currency recovered some ground this afternoon.

    It's now down 0.1% against the dollar and has gained slightly against the euro.

    Currently, £1 is worth $1.26 and €1.15.

  8. Dollar gets jobs data boost

    Dollar bill with pound and euro

    The dollar is trading up against the pound and the euro after the US unemployment rate fell to a 50 year low in September.

    Conversely, the pound is down against the dollar and the euro amid Brexit pressures.

  9. Pound claws back ground but remains down

    The pound has regained a little ground against the dollar and the euro following comments by Bank of England policymaker Michael Saunders about post-Brexit interest rates but is still trading down.

    Sterling is off 0.24% against the dollar at $1.2294. It is down 0.27% on the euro at €1.1255.

  10. Currencies move on oil jump

    notes and coins

    The attacks on Saudi Arabian facilities on Saturday has pushed up the price of oil and also had an impact in the currency markets during Asian trading hours.

    The "safe-haven" Japanese yen and Swiss franc both firmed. The yen rose 0.3% to 107.79 per dollar and the franc rose 0.4% to $0.9883.

    Currencies linked to oil-exporting economies were also higher: The Canadian dollar rose 0.4% to 1.3233 per dollar. The Norwegian krone was up 0.5% to 8.9363 per dollar

  11. Pound remains in the doldrums

    Pounds, euros and dollars

    The value of the pound remained in the doldrums today as investors scrabble to sell the currency amid worries that a general election in the UK could add to Brexit uncertainty.

    Now worth less than $1.20, the pound has lost 20% of its value against the dollar since the Brexit referendum and is regularly trading at its lowest level since 1985, barring a brief "flash crash" in October 2016 when it fell as low as $1.15.

    The pound is down 0.4% against the euro and 0.7% against the dollar.

  12. Pound flat

    After a tumultuous week that has seen the value of the pound fluctuate against both the euro and the dollar, sterling has been relatively stable so far today.

    At present £1 is worth €1.10 and $1.22 on currency markets.

  13. Pound falls as Johnson threatens to suspend parliament

    pound coins, euro and dollar notes

    The value of the pound has fallen this morning following news that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is planning to suspend parliament in a move that is expected to prevent opposition leaders from passing a law to stop a no-deal Brexit.

    The pound is down 0.4% against the euro and 0.5% against the dollar. So £1 is now worth €1.10 and $1.22.

  14. No-deal Brexit fears weigh on pound

    Pound coins

    The pound continued to trade lower against the dollar and the euro amid fears about a no-deal Brexit.

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin.

    Mrs Merkel said on Tuesday that she was open to "practical solutions" regarding the Irish backstop after Mr Johnson called the plan "anti-democratic" and said it must be scrapped.

    Marshall Gittler, chief strategist at ACLS Global, says Mrs Merkel comment "was viewed as a possible signal that the EU could be willing to negotiate on this point, but frankly I doubt it".

    "I think she was just being polite."

    Sterling is 0.32% down against the dollar at $1.2132. It is 0.28% lower on the euro at €1.0934.

  15. Sterling ticks lower

    Pound coins

    The pound is trading 0.29% lower against the dollar at $1.2135.

    Sterling is also 0.25% down on the euro at €1.0938.

  16. 'Brexit noise' buffets pound

    Pound coins

    The pound clawed back a little ground against the dollar and the euro by late morning trade but its trajectory is likely to be unsettled.

    "More Brexit noise is likely as Europe ‘responds' to Prime Minister Johnson's demands," said Kit Juckes, macro strategist at Societe Generale.

    Sterling is down 0.21% against the dollar at $1.2100, and 0.25% lower on the euro at €1.0920.