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West to ramp up car charging points

Electric car

The West's electric vehicle charging network is being boosted with more than 120 new charging points.

The new points are being installed over the next year.

The £7.1m of government funding was awarded to Bristol City Council, Bath and North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset, in a bid to increase the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs).

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees, said the upgrade will help "both existing and future EV drivers".

"Ensuring we develop a resilient charging infrastructure will give more people the confidence they need to embrace this technology," he said.

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Who picks up the bill for the government's green plans?

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Electric car
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Will the government's plan to reduce net carbon emissions to zero by 2050 mean higher energy bills, and will taxpayers have to take a hit?

Lawrence Slade, chief executive of industry body Energy UK, says it will mean both public and private sector investment.

Now the government has indicated a pathway, it needs to set out a solid policy framework so investors have the "trust and the faith" so investors think "this is the direction we're going in, this is something I can invest in" and "I can now look at how I'm going to be financing companies in this sector".

"From a consumer point of view, I need to have trust in where the electric vehicle infrastructure rollout's going to be," he says.

More energy efficiency should mean lower bills for consumers, but the government is going to have to supply some subsidies, he adds.

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More plugs installed in Lake District for electric cars

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More electric car charging points are being provided across the Lake District to cut carbon emissions, with eight new points being introduced by the Lake District National Park Authority.

Coniston’s boating centre will get them, as will the car park at the independently-run tourist information centre.

The LDNPA is also installing them on Glenridding car park, near Ullswater, close to its tourist information centre, and Grasmere’s electric charging point will go at the LDNPA’s Stock Lane car park.

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Fast-charging station for electric cars opens in Sunderland

A new fast-charging station for electric cars has been officially opened in Wearside.

It can charge vehicles in about half an hour compared to eight hours at a standard charge point and it is powered from solar panels on its roof and wind energy.

At the moment, the charging station on West Wear Street, in Sunderland, is free to use but motorists will have to pay later in the year.

Fastned UK electric point
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