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An image of a candle burning in remembrance of those who lost their lives in Kristallnacht

Chayya Syal

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Jews across the world are leaving a light on during the Sabbath in honour of Kristallnacht's 80th anniversary.

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Remembering Kristallnacht

Nazi Germany and 'the night of broken glass'
Ruth Winkelmann was only ten years' old when she witnessed the pogrom on 9 November 1938 that came to be known as 'the night of broken glass'. 

It was a night of persecution against the Jewish community in Berlin, Germany by SA paramilitary forces and German citizens.

She was walking to her Jewish primary school with her father when it happened.

‘I didn’t know about my Jewish roots’

Tracing Judaism in Ukraine
Journalist Michael Goldfarb lost several family members during the Holocaust, but he was raised a Jew and has always known about his family tragedy.
In Ukraine, where his family is originally from, some people have long hid their Jewish identity to avoid anti-Semitism – meaning that many discover their Jewish roots and the trauma of the events of World War II later in life.
Goldfarb speaks to Nadia Gochman, who was born in Western Ukraine, about what it was like finding out aged 14 that she was actually Jewish and lived in a city where many Jews were killed. 
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