Prison reform

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    Video caption: Former prisoner fighting for US criminal justice reform

    Harvey Murphy's life changed when he was wrongly accused of stealing and later served time in prison for drug offences.

  2. Viewpoint: What would a world without prisons be like?

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    Video caption: In this viewpoint for BBC Ideas, criminologist David Scott explores alternatives to prison

    We take prisons for granted - but how effective are they? Are there better alternatives? A viewpoint from OU criminologist Dr David Scott.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: Children denied contact with parents in prison

    The children of prisoners are being damaged by not being able to see their parents, a charity says.

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    Video caption: Welsh Government plans would give prisoners the vote

    Prisoners serving less than four years would be able to vote in local elections from 2022.

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    Video caption: Boost for Parc Young Offenders institution

    An inspection is "overwhelmingly positive" but it finds inmates need better mental health support.