Deep-sea exploration

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    Video caption: ‘Rubbish found in deepest part of the ocean’

    Scientist and ex-astronaut Kathy Sullivan is the first woman to reach the lowest part of the ocean.

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    Video caption: Could digging up the ocean floor help save the planet?

    The seabed is rich in metals needed to help us switch from fossil fuels to electric power. But what damage could mining the sea bed cause?

  3. By Rebecca Morelle

    Science correspondent, BBC News

    Bow of Titanic

    The first people to dive down to the Titanic in nearly 15 years say some parts of the wreck have been lost to the sea.

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    Video caption: The unsung life of Simone Cousteau, who 'lived with adventure'

    Simone Cousteau was the first female aquanaut, but history has better remembered her explorer husband Jacques.

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    Video caption: Should we mine on the ocean floor?

    British scientists have announced what they are calling an "astonishing" discovery deep in the Atlantic Ocean.