Anas Sarwar

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    Video caption: 'This is the biggest scandal of devolution era'

    The first minister is challenged to take responsibility for the failure to contact the family of a dead child after a hospital infections "scandal".

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    Video caption: Scottish election 2021: The campaign and results in three minutes

    Take a look back at some of the main moments of a Scottish election like no other before.

  3. Anas Sarwar: 'No one person can take the blame'

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    Video caption: Andrew Marr spoke to the Leader of the Scottish Labour Party Anas Sarwar
  4. Glasgow Southside 'united against the fascists'


    Anas Sarwar responds to the ugly scenes of fascism he faced at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow earlier, and Nicola Sturgeon's clash with far-right candidates in Glasgow on Thursday.

    He says: "Every single time the far-right hate has tried to come to the southside, we as a community have united against them and rejected them.

    "Myself and Nicola Sturgeon might have many differences of opinion politically but when it comes to fighting bigotry and hatred and intolerance we, and large parts of Scotland, are united against the fascists."

    He said he was pleased with what he had achieved in Glasgow, saying Labour was "back on the pitch", increasing vote share by about 9%.

    "I'm not pretending this journey is complete," he said. "I am not interested in building the opposition, I want to build the alternative."

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  5. BreakingSNP leader Nicola Sturgeon holds Glasgow Southside

    glasgow southside

    SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has comfortably held Glasgow Southside.

    Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar came in second but was 9,000 votes behind Ms Sturgeon.

    The SNP's share of the vote was 60.2%, down 1%.

    Labour were up to 31%, with a swing of 4.8% from the SNP to Labour.

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    Video caption: Scottish election 2021: Party leaders debate country's future

    The five leaders of Scotland's larger parties went head-to-head in the final TV debate of the Holyrood election.

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    Video caption: Scottish election 2021: Scot Squad chief questions political leaders

    Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson grills the party leaders ahead of the election.