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  1. Dog stabbing: Debate over service animal law

    Dave Wade

    BBC News

    Yesterday we told you about Axle, the police dog who was stabbed four times on Wednesday night during an operation in Derbyshire.

    The outpouring of support for Axle has been huge with hundreds of comments on social media.

    Today a bill will be discussed by the government to bring in a law to stop people who attack police dogs and horses from claiming self-defence.

    PD Axle

    It's been called Finn's law after a police dog was stabbed in 2016 and has received the support of Environment Secretary Michael Gove.

    However, the bill's first reading was derailed by Tory MP, Sir Christopher Chope, who halted a bill to outlaw upskirting last month.

    The Animal Welfare (Service) Bill, proposed by fellow Conservative Sir Oliver Heald, will be heard in the House of Commons today.

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  2. Government bill on upskirting to be put forward

    Legislation making upskirting a criminal offence punishable by up to two years in prison will be introduced by the Government today.

    It's after a private members bill to make taking photographs up skirts without consent illegal was blocked by the Christchurch MP Chris Chope on Friday

    Chris Chope
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    Video caption: PMQs: Hoare and May on upskirting bill and role of Chope

    The PM says a government bill on upskirting will be put forward on Thursday.

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    Video caption: Sir Christopher Chope says he's “delighted” upskirting will be banned

    The Christchurch MP says his only regrets were that “other people have so cruelly misunderstood what I did”.

  5. Upskirting row: 'Knicker bunting' strung up at MP's offices

    "Knicker bunting" has been strung up outside the offices of the Conservative MP who blocked a bill that would have made "upskirting" a criminal offence.

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    Christchurch MP Sir Christopher Chope had said he was objecting to parliamentary procedure rather than the law to make secretly photographing underneath a skirt a crime.

    Lorna Rees led the pant protest at his constituency office.

    More knickers have since been placed across his parliamentary office door.

  6. Tory MP: Upskirting objection was wrong

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    Video caption: Nigel Evans says a single MP shouldn't be able to block a Private Member's Bill
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    Video caption: Wera Hobhouse 'angry' after Tory MP blocks upskirting law

    Lib Dem MP Wera Hobhouse says her upskirting law is not dead, after it was blocked by a Tory MP.

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    Video caption: A Tory MP halts the progress of a bill which would make "upskirting" a criminal offence.