1. Vision

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    Video caption: Neurologist Dr Guy Leschziner explores the surprisingly strange world of our senses.

    What happens when communication glitches occur between our eyes and our brain? Discover how tricks of the mind can lead to a world filled with bewildering, even terrifying images.

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    Video caption: Cataracts: Sight loss 'impossible to describe; for painter

    Alan Hughes, 65, says the potential loss of the "gift" of painting is "horrible".

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    Video caption: Robert's story: Blind and navigating a pandemic

    The Nine met City of Glasgow College student Robert Meikle to see how his simple journey from home to class is a lot more complicated than some may realise in a pandemic.

  4. Partially Sighted & Social Distancing

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    Video caption: Jake on how social distancing can be a bigger challenge when you're visually impaired...

    Jake on how social distancing can be a bigger challenge when you're visually impaired...

  5. What I saw after losing my sight

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    Video caption: After an operation failed to save her sight, Nina was surprised to see colours and images

    Nina lost the sight in both her eyes, and when she comes round in the hospital ward after surgeons had failed to save her sight, she's surprised at what she sees.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: 'People have yelled when I've gotten too close'

    People with sight loss are being verbally abused and struggling to access services during the coronavirus pandemic.

  7. A whistle-stop tour of our amazing eyes

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    Video caption: BBC Ideas takes a journey through the history of those two twinkling spheres we call eyes

    Our eyeballs have evolved from a tiny, light-sensitive patch to the incredible, complex organ we have today. But how? And what else can our eyes tell us about who we are?