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    Video caption: Rockfield Studios has been home to some of the biggest rock stars.

    Rockfield Studios has been home to some of the biggest rock stars including Black Sabbath, the Stone Roses and Oasis.

  2. Bowie-designed wallpaper rolls to be auctioned


    Two wallpaper prints designed by David Bowie are estimated to sell for up to £56,000 later this month.

    The Brixton-born star, who died in 2016, produced the designs in 1995 with British homeware brand Laura Ashley.

    The first, titled Conflict, depicts a Lucian Freud nude artwork submerged a formaldehyde tank, while the second, called Minotaur, pays homage to Pablo Picasso.

    Conflict was conceived for Bowie's debut exhibition, New Afro/Pagan and Work: 1975-1995, held on London's Cork Street in 1995, where it was plastered across a series of columns.

    In an interview in 1996, Bowie said of the design: "It involved creating pilasters; half-columns against a wall covered in an incongruous wallpaper."

    "This particular one is an English painter called Lucian Freud in a Damien Hirst box, so it's traditional art in the hands of modern art," he added.

    The rolls feature in auction house Sotheby's Prints and Multiple auction, open for online bidding until 28 April.

  3. Music 'heroes' exhibit to open in Wembley

    Paul Mcartney, Mick Jagger and David Bowie
    Image caption: Paul Mcartney, Mick Jagger and David Bowie

    A new exhibition featuring 100 photographs of artists performing at the iconic Wembley Arena will launch next month.

    Sourced from Getty Images Gallery, "Heroes" the exhibition will be held at Olympic Way gallery space, Wembley, from 28 November.

    It will showcase the SSE Arena's history and the famous artists who have graced its stage.

    Key photography features performances by David Bowie and Leonard Cohen, and the first headline rock show performed by T-Rex.

    Whitney Houston, the female performer with the most performances, and Prince who held a 35-night residency at the arena will also feature.

    Josh McNorton, Cultural Director, Wembley Park, said: "Over the past 60 years, The SSE Arena, Wembley, has played an enormous part in the cultural history of the area and in global music history, and Heroes is a great way to celebrate this through the performances of some of the world’s most famous performers."

    Grace Jones
    Image caption: Grace Jones
    Whitney Houston
    Image caption: Whitney Houston