Classical music

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    Video caption: Turning sounds from around the world into music

    Classically-trained musician Belle Chen uses ambient recordings sent from people across the globe.

  2. Interview: Steven Isserlis discusses Schumann's Cello Concerto and his passions in life.

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    Video caption: Pre-concert interview with cellist Steven Isserlis and BBC SSO violinist Alex Gascoine.

    Ahead of his live performance with the BBC SSO on Thursday 10 December 2020, Steven Isserlis chats to violinist BBC SSO Alex Gascoine about Schumann and his passions in life.

  3. Tricky timing

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    Video caption: Tom Service on the fascination of out-of-the-ordinary rhythms.

    Tom Service on the fascination of music written in unusual time signatures.

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    Video caption: Arts under coronavirus: Youth Orchestra record spectacular remote performance
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    Video caption: Reading composer uses dice to create 'random' classical music

    Edward Chilvers uses dice to compose a new style of classical music that introduces an element of randomness.

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    Video caption: Black Lives Matter: Orchestra creates music inspired by iconic moment

    Viral image of Patrick Hutchinson helping a counter-protester transformed into music and poetry.

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    Video caption: Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra performs live concerts

    Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra is performing to live audiences and has sold thousands of online tickets.