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BBC SSO: Bernstein's Songfest

Thomas Dausgaard conducts the BBC SSO in Leonard Bernstein's Songfest.
Thomas Dausgaard conducts Bernstein's Songfest with BBC SSO. Recorded live at City Halls, the performance was part of the orchestra's opening night concert.

The Percussionist

Life as a classical percussionist.
Sam Staunton, the percussion section leader for the Ulster Orchestra, gives an insight into the world of a classical percussionist.

A Conductor

David Brophy explains that you don't have to go to Hogwarts to become a conductor.
Conductor David Brophy shows how he can influence an orchestra without saying a word.

The Arranger

Music producer Graeme Stewart explains what an arranger is.
Classical arranger Graeme Stewart shows how he arranged music for the Ulster Orchestra and The 4 of Us.