1. The billionaire landowners changing Scotland’s landscape

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    Video caption: In Scotland, private landowners are hoping to repair and restore the country’s ecosystems

    Allan Little heads home to see how a handful of private landowners are embarking on a bold vision to repair and restore Scotland's ecosystems after decades of land mismanagement.

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    Video caption: The Scot trekking across Canada to help restore Highland forests

    Michael Yellowlees and his Alaskan husky Luna have spent the past nine months travelling coast to coast on foot across Canada.

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    Video caption: Artist brings joy to Wiltshire with wildlife paintings

    Artist Tanya Hinton began painting birds and animals around the town during lockdown.

  4. Embroidering Britain’s Lost Bees

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    Video caption: Loop meets an artist using embroidery to chart the decline of Britain’s bee population.

    Loop meets the Edinburgh-based artist who has been charting the decline of Britain’s bee population using embroidery.