Tattooing The Last Supper

Would you ink a Da Vinci on your arm?
Dolce Guevara is a tattoo artist in Los Angeles. A Last Supper tattoo takes her 24 hours to complete, doing 8 or 9 hours at a time every session.
Listen to her give client Abraham Muñoz a Last Supper that stretches from his wrist to his shoulder. 

Some Catholics consider tattooing to be sinful, according to believer Muñoz – so what makes a Last Supper tattoo so sacred to him?

Taryam's Tiny Tattoo

Better or worse than your first tattoo?
Every tattoo tells a story. This is a very short story. Taryam makes a big fuss about nothing as he gets his first tiny tattoo!

I remove tattoos from trafficking survivors

Stephanie says it helps them to move on
Stephanie Andresen-Stevens is a laser technician in Wisconsin, US.

She helps former gang members and survivors of trafficking and domestic abuse to remove the tattoos that were used to mark them.

She hopes that by erasing the unwanted ink she can help them move on.

(Photo: Stephanie Andresen-Stevens. Credit: Sarah Schultz Photography)