Cory Booker

Cory Booker to Joe Biden: 'I thought you might have been high'
Politician Cory Booker criticises Joe Biden's stance on the legalisation of marijuana.

Biden spars with critics at Democratic debate

The Democratic candidates clashed on healthcare, justice and immigration
Former US Vice-President Joe Biden has come under attack from other Democratic 2020 candidates in a second round of televised debates.

Mr Biden - the frontrunner in the polls - had several sharp exchanges with the nine other presidential hopefuls sharing the stage in Detroit.

Senator Kamala Harris again launched an assault on Mr Biden's record on race but had to defend her stance towards drug offenders when she was a prosecutor in California.

The winner of the Democratic presidential nomination will be announced next July and they will face President Donald Trump in the election in November 2020.

Jacqueline Thompson from the political news site The Hill explains how the debate unfolded.

(Photo: Vice-president Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris. Credit: Reuters)