1. Yoga: The Reality

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    Video caption: When you try to do yoga at home...

    When you try to do yoga at home...

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    Video caption: The Senegalese beach businesses adapting to stay afloat

    Businesses based on Dakar's beaches have had to find new sources of income due to the pandemic.

  3. Lessons from a lockdown yoga teacher

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    Video caption: Stephanie Hare on the benefits of becoming a yogi during lockdown
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    Video caption: Meet Alecs Donovan, Wales centre and yoga teacher

    Wales women's centre Alecs Donovan tells BBC Sport Wales about how she became a yoga teacher and progress during the coronavirus pandemic.

  5. Can you really learn yoga without an instructor in the room?

    Mornings with Stephen Jardine

    BBC Radio Scotland

    Two people perform yoga outside

    Many people have taken to doing fitness and exercise classes online during lockdown, with yoga proving popular despite the challenges of not having a teacher in the room.

    "It is a holistic practice; you get a bit of everything from it - fitness, combined with some mindfulness - which I think is why so many people are drawn to it at this time," yoga teacher Cat Meffan tells BBC Radio Scotland.

    While Ms Meffan does free classes on You Tube, plus paid membership classes via Zoom, she admits that while the teacher can see participants, "it is nothing like being in a class".

    "There's a lot to be said for having a space which is just for your yoga practice, especially if you have got family and there are kids running around," she adds.

    "Trying to angle the camera can be tricky. There is only so much a teacher can give you in terms of adjustment and cues for alignment through the lens of your laptop or phone."

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    Video caption: The firm using online yoga and baking to boost staff morale

    Accountants MKS has laid on a wide array of activities on Zoom to keep staff spirits high while working from home.

  7. Puppy Relaxation

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    Video caption: Don't think about how he did a jobby in your living room, just look at his cute wee face!

    Don't think about how he did a jobby in your living room, just look at his cute wee face!

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: Simple yoga poses to help home workers

    If you're starting to feel fidgety or fed up at your desk, our reporter and office yoga teacher Emily Ford has some tips.

  9. The yoga guru trying to heal Rwanda's wounds

    Samba Cyuzuzo

    BBC Great Lakes

    Aline Mazimpaka
    Image caption: Aline Mazimpaka trained in Kenya, India and Thailand to become a yoga master

    Aline Mazimpaka is trying to demystify yoga for her fellow Rwandans, who have been suspicious of the ancient form of exercise, which originated in India years ago and focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost wellbeing.

    “The hardest challenge has been the society - people were telling me I am devil worshipping, because they don’t know yoga. It was very hard.”

    But she has set up a non-profit centre that teaches yoga in return for donations and says more people are joining it every day.

    Aline Mazimpaka running a yoga session
    Image caption: More people are now going to Ms Mazimpaka's sessions

    The 33-year-old, who trained in Kenya, India and Thailand to become a yoga master, was introduced to it at university in 2010.

    She found that it was very therapeutic as what had happened in Rwanda in 1994, during the genocide, had left her with psychological wounds.

    These had not healed until she started practising yoga.

    “It was a complex journey to my dream that started as a therapy,” she says.

    “Yoga healed my wounds, later it became my job and my life that I am sharing with fellow Rwandans.”

    Aline Mazimpaka
    Image caption: Aline Mazimpaka has been practising yoga for 10 years
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    Video caption: How yoga helped an Indian rape survivor to love her body

    Natasha Noel overcame childhood abuse and is now a successful yoga and wellness coach in India.

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    Video caption: Bend It Like Granny

    The 98-year-old grandmother who leads a yoga dynasty.

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    Video caption: Yoga experience in St Edmundsbury Cathedral 'boosts wellbeing'

    The ornate setting helps relaxation and improves mental health, according to its organiser.

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    Video caption: A small alpaca farm in Painswick has started doing yoga classes in the alpaca field

    Co-owner Sandie says the alpacas encourage mindfulness and give a similar effect to spending time with dolphins to increase relaxation

  14. The commercialisation of yoga

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    Video caption: Professor Rohit Deshpande discusses the branding and commercialisation of yoga

    Professor Rohit Deshpande discusses the branding and commercialisation of yoga