Yoga experience in St Edmundsbury Cathedral 'boosts wellbeing'
The ornate setting helps relaxation and improves mental health, according to its organiser.
A small alpaca farm in Painswick has started doing yoga classes in the alpaca field
Farmer says alpacas give a similar effect to spending time with dolphins to increase relaxation.

The commercialisation of yoga

Professor Rohit Deshpande discusses the branding and commercialisation of yoga
As the UN marks International Day of Yoga, Professor Rohit Deshpande of Harvard Business School in Boston discusses his research into the branding and commercialisation of yoga.

(Picture: A Lululemon yoga session. Credit: Lululemon)

Growing up in war-torn Beirut taught me about fear

Rima Rabbath is a yoga teacher who grew up in Lebanon during the civil war
Rima Rabbath grew up in Lebanon during the civil war, learning to live in the moment to escape the shelling. Now based in New York, she has become one of the leading teachers of Jivamukti yoga in Manhattan. Here she describes a profound experience in Beirut in the 1980s, when Israeli soldiers were on her street, and explains how that informs the way she teaches today.

Image: Rima Rabbath
Credit: Peter Stanglmayr

How yoga helped me walk again

Deepika Mehta took up yoga after a climbing accident left her struggling to walk
Deepika Mehta turned to yoga after a climbing accident left her struggling to walk. She found hope in yoga teachings, and eventually used the practice to help overcome her injuries. Today she is one of the most successful and sought after Ashtanga yoga teachers in India.

Image: Deepika Mehta
Credit: Radesh
Yoga 'helps my Irritable Bowel Syndrome'
Sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome describe how tailored yoga classes are helping their condition.