Lyra McKee

Murals bring fractured communities together in Northern Ireland

Following the death of Lyra McKee people have covered up violent graffiti
The death of a young journalist, Lyra McKee, in Northern Ireland in April shone a light on the fractures which have re-emerged in some local communities. More than 20 years after the Good Friday agreement was meant to bring an end to violence between Catholic and Protestant communities, IRA slogans threatening death to police informants were still on walls and lamp-posts in Creggan, where Lyra was killed. 

But now the community there is taking action to change this - putting up their own murals with a positive message. 

Father Joseph Gormley, the parish priest of St Mary's, the Catholic Church at the heart of the area explains the significance of the movement.

(Photo: Murals on walls in Creggan. Credit: Leona O'Neill)