Arnside-built Ziska sails Alaska race at 116 years old

Martin Lewes


A yacht built in Arnside in 1903 has completed the Race to Alaska competition.

Team Fashionably Late

Ziska was a long way behind the winners, who completed the race in four days and four hours in a modern performance boat, but came 22nd out of 35 starters, taking 16 days to complete the 750-mile race.

Ziska was built in Arnside in the Crossfield Brothers’ Boatyard on Church Hill, according to her owners, along the lines of a traditional Morecambe Bay prawner, and since the early 1970s, she has sailed around North America, sometimes being a home for various owners for several years.

Members of Team Fashionably Late, who took this photograph, said: "We tacked back and forth past them for an hour or two and it was delightful every time."

The Alaskan competition involves skiing on water and snow
Competitors in the "Slush Cup" race down a mountain and try to glide over a pool of water