Pause For Thought: 'I find it all too easy to focus on memories of what has been.'

Anthony Lees-Smith on focusing on the life in front of us.

Pause For Thought: 'Time is the most precious commodity we have, but we sometimes treat it as though it’s unlimited.'

Rabbi Dr Harvey Belovski on viewing every moment as precious.

Pause For Thought: 'In cycles of life I see a mystery beyond my comprehension.'

Bishop Helen-Ann on encountering the unbelievable.

Pause For Thought: "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves."

Krish Kandiah on caring for the vulnerable and marginalised.

Pause For Thought: 'There is always the possibility for a new beginning.'

Reverend Michaela Youngson on finding hope.

Pause For Thought: 'Connecting with our environment can be restorative.'

Reverend Tony Miles on our responsibility for our environment and relationships.

Pause For Thought: 'I need to take ownership of my choices and ownership of my compassion.'

Guvna B on tackling evil and injustice.

Pause For Thought: 'No life is ever wasted.'

Andy Walton on modern martyrs.

Pause For Thought: 'We will not be overcome.'

Ann Easter on stories of good triumphing over evil.

Pause For Thought: 'I'm not alone - and that, really, is what I need to know.'

Dr Jim Harris on the compassion and kindness of women.