Pause For Thought: 'It’s possible to stay cheerful, encouraging and helpful to others - in good times and bad.'

Reverend Matt Woodcock on support and positivity.

Pause For Thought: 'In naming our children, we connected them to the angels who watched over them.'

Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand on angelic protection.

Pause For Thought: 'I find I need constant reminders to not give in to fear.'

Paul Kerensa on the power of reassurance.

Pause For Thought: 'I can’t remember a time when the beauty of nature is more deeply appreciated.'

Father Brian D'Arcy on protecting our world.

Pause For Thought: 'I suspect that everyone sees angels all around but maybe doesn’t know it.'

Reverend Alan Sorensen on messages of peace and hope.

Pause For Thought: 'So perhaps it’s not surprising that all the NHS staff have come to be known as our angels.'

Debbie Young-Somers on making the most of our humanity.

Pause For Thought: 'Sometimes we just have to accept humiliation.'

Reverend Richard Coles on remembering the bigger picture.