Women's rights

Fighting for the pill in Japan
It took until 1999 for Japanese women to be allowed to take the contraceptive pill.
Ex porn-star and activist Philipp explores men's rights issues
Philipp travels to a conference on men’s issues in Chicago, shedding light on the controversial movement.

Being a Muslim woman in India

We speak to Muslim women who have challenged gender and religious stereotypes in India.
India has more than 90 million Muslim women. A majority of them are poor and uneducated. Even those at the top of the table of the society feel that they have to face too many established narratives, whether it’s about domestic violence, forced marriage or the burqa, preventing real discussions on more important issues.

In recent years, India has also witnessed an increase in hate crimes against the minority Muslim community and some say they now feel anxious about their future as an Indian Muslim. As International Women's Day approaches, we speak to those who have challenged gender and religious stereotypes in India. We ask them, what does it mean to be a Muslim woman in today's India?

Presenter: Devina Gupta
Contributors: Shazia Ilmi, politician; Warisha Farasat, lawyer; Salma Moosa, founder, Start-ups Club