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  1. India's Barter Classes

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    Video caption: How, in some Indian villages, the barter system is being used to pay for education
  2. Rural crime costs Cornwall and Devon £500k in 2019

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    Rural crime cost Cornwall and Devon more than £500,000 in 2019.

    It was a slight fall - 1% - from 2018, but bucking the national trend, which saw an increase of nearly 9%.

    Figures released by insurer NFU Mutual in its annual Rural Crime Report showed such crime cost £54m in 2019 across the UK, mainly through organised criminal gangs targeting high-value goods and animals, such as tractors, quad bikes and livestock.

    But while Devon and Cornwall saw a slight fall, the wider South West, up to Gloucester and Wiltshire, saw such crimes cost a total of £6.6m last year, compared with £5.8m in 2018 - an increase of 14% and the highest level for eight years.

    Jonathan Rogers (pictured), from Plymouth, lost 100 lambs worth about £10,000 to rustlers earlier this year.

    Jonathan Rogers
    Quote Message: I was extremely angry, and almost more angry at myself for not realising what actually happened. I was naive to sheep rustling as it was the first time it had ever happened. It was a very frustrating thing. It's like somebody coming along and they're just taking the easy money." from Jonathan Rogers Sheep rustling victim
    Jonathan RogersSheep rustling victim

    Nigel Grimshire in east Devon, who had turkeys stolen from his farm, said he initially thought a fox had got into the enclosure.

    Quote Message: There was this sort of stunned moment thinking: 'Hang on a minute. What's happened here? Is this a fox?' Then it dawned on us as we followed a trail of feathers across a field. You come away from something like that just feeling a bit disheartened." from Nigel Grimshire Livestock theft victim
    Nigel GrimshireLivestock theft victim
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    Video caption: Black Lives Matter in rural England

    Khady Gueye received threats for trying to support Black Lives Matter in rural Gloucestershire.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: Community shop 'heroes' keep villagers going

    Volunteers Ann and John O'Leary have made 200 deliveries to self-isolating residents in lockdown.