Moped crime

Armed youths on moped threaten women

Bob Dale

BBC Live reporter

Police are hunting two men who threatened a woman with a hammer in Brighton.

It happened as she was walking in Regent Hill about 15:00 GMT on Tuesday.

The youths, who were sitting on a black and white moped and wearing distinctive black and neon yellow helmets, blocked her path and one of them produced the hammer.

Regent Hill, Brighton
The first woman was threatened in Regent Hill

No direct threats were made to her, and the woman was allowed to pass when two passers-by appeared.

The same two youths are thought to have gone into a Costa Coffee branch in Western Road 15 minutes later, aggressively looking for two young women who had fled there.

Western Road, Brighton
The youths went into this branch of Costa Coffee looking for two women who had fled there

Their moped, which turned out to be stolen, was found in Regent Hill a short time later.

Appeal to find second Rolex killer

Bob Dale

BBC Live reporter

Danny Pearce was murdered by a moped mugger from Dartford.

A second attacker has never been caught, and Danny's family are making an appeal to bring the killer to justice.

Police conduct probed in every case of 'tactical contact'

Alice Evans

BBC News London

Cracking down on London's moped thieves

The Metropolitan Police have revealed officers will be subject to investigations every time they purposefully drive into crime suspects.

Last week the Met released footage of officers using a new tactic to drive into suspects to ram them off their would-be getaway mopeds, as the police watchdog announced it was investigating three such crashes.

This prompted calls for officers to be given more protection for doing their job because, at the moment, they can be prosecuted for careless or dangerous driving in the same way members of the public are.

Now the Met have said the Independent Office for Police Conduct - the body responsible for investigating when someone is hurt or killed during police contact - has been busy gaining "insight" into the use of new special methods to stop suspects.

In addition, a spokesman said the Met will conduct its own internal probe every time "tactical contact" is made.

Police car and moped crash

"A highly-trained specialist police driver has available a number of options to prevent and detect vehicle-enabled crime," a Met spokesman said.

"Once such option is that of tactical contact between the police vehicle and suspected moped rider.

"Officers undertaking such tactics will have gone through extensive selection and training to ensure that the intervention occurs in the safest possible manner to prevent any injuries from occurring.

"In the occurrence of an intentional collision and no injury occurs, an internal independent investigation will take place to examine the circumstances and standard of police driving."

Under proposals made by the Home Office in May, police drivers would get more legal protection when involved in a crash.